Marketing Strategy

Marketing drives sales. A winning marketing strategy that leverages your competitive advantage can be the difference between great success and mediocrity. Your strategic marketing plan is about determining what makes you authentically unique and creating a tactical plan optimized for putting that proposition into the minds of your customers – otherwise known as brand and product positioning.

You must also understand who your customers are as well as their greatest “need”. You have to define what really matters to them as well as defining how you differentiate yourself from your competition. The key question to answer is: What must your business be in the mind of your customers in order for them to choose you over everyone else?

After this up front market strategy work is done, the next step is to develop a differentiating promise that no competitor offers and enable your business to deliver on that promise better than anyone else in your market space. It’s also important to look for weak points in the positions of your competitiors, and execute your strategic marketing plan in a way that demonstrates your strengths over those specific weaknesses.

The final step is to develop a barrier to entry that gives you a lock on your customers in your market. In our marketing strategy consulting work, we also help you identify the most efficient and effective distribution channels and execute the sales and marketing strategies with a keen eye on real time sales data. We help establish key metrics so you can measure what is working – your marketing ROI, what isn’t working, and how to maintain a state of constant learning and improvement.

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