Leadership Development

The rules of the game are changing. Leaders poised to thrive in the 21st century are ones who realize that their organization’s leadership capabilities are going to be a competitive advantage for future success. Leadership is no longer defined by what a single leader does, but by the ability to collaborate, motivate and inspire others. Higher level emotional intelligence – which can be developed – will be a hallmark for leadership success

Mikael Meir helps organizations unleash their true potential through their people by developing values based, self-aware, high performing leaders, teams and cultures.

Drawing from the leadership capacity table below, in the three domains of Personal Leadership, People Leadership, and Strategic Leadership, I co-create a bespoke program integrating the organization’s capacity development goals from its strategic plan.

3 Pillars of Leadership Development

Personal Leadership People Leadership Strategic Leadership
Being Authentic Communicates Effectively Business Insight
Demonstrates Self Awareness Drives Engagement Customer Focus
Cultivates Humility Organizational Savvy Financial Acumen
Instills Trust Influences Effectively Managing Complexity
Rooted in Values Drives Vision and Purpose Decision Quality (Decisiveness and Judgement)
Optimistic Attitude Gives Feedback Skillfully Cultivates Innovation
Mindset on Service to Others Able To Engage in Productive Conflict Strategic Mindset
Courageous Ensures Accountability Balances Stakeholders
Manages Ambiguity Develops and Attracts Talent Marketing Savvy
Listens Well Builds Effective Teams Problem Solving and Analysis
Being Resilient Delegates Effectively Planning and Organization

Each custom leadership development program is model-agnostic, and based on the largest leadership study done to date by Harvard Professor Bill George, that concludes that you don’t need to be born with specific characteristics or traits of a “leader”. You don’t need to wait for a tap on the shoulder, or be at the top of an organization. Instead you can develop your leadership potential right now. It emerges from your life story.

During the past 50 years, leadership scholars conducted more than 1000 studies – defining styles, traits, and characteristics of great leaders. Yet none produced a clear profile. And while there are important capacities to be developed, trying to emulate a model or some cookie cutter method is an exercise in creating a false image. People see through it immediately.

Leadership is the capacity to influence others to do the right things (strategy and tactics), in the right way (values and culture). Leadership is influence. Influence lives on trust. And people trust you when you’re being authentic and genuine. Therefore, authenticity must be the foundation of any leadership development program – helping individuals tap into their own authentic sense of power and interpersonal wisdom.

Mikael Meir’s leadership development programs work in the following three domains: Leadership Coaching for Executives, Leadership Development For Teams, and Leadership Development For Organizations.

Culture Building

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Leadership Development Coach for Executives

Leadership is often thought of in terms of controlling and managing our external environment. However, in order to begin to influence our external environment in a positive way, we must first master our internal environment – our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, behaviors and habits.

Combining cutting edge research in neuroscience, psychology and eastern wisdom traditions, Mikael Meir helps you co-create a customized plan filled with powerful insights, tools and frameworks so you can identify unskillful behaviors, cultivate and anchor more skillful behaviors, and greatly expand your capacity for internal clarity, right action and vital team interconnection. This process parallels Meir’s Executive Coaching For Behavior Change program.

What you will gain:

  • Manage stress and stay calm in the face of intense pressure
  • Navigate complexity with greater skill and make better decisions daily
  • Turn around difficult relationships and interrelate with colleagues with greater harmony
  • Cultivate resilience and faster turn-around times from personal set-backs
  • Develop higher levels of self-awareness, and more skillful behaviors allowing you to get more done, in less time, with greater ease

Develop Your Personal Leadership Skills

Leadership Development Coach for Teams 

One of the greatest challenges for leaders is the ability to engage, influence, and inspire others – your subordinates, supervisors, colleagues, and partners. When ten personalities get into a room, often times image management trumps right action, protectionist behavior trumps collaboration, and withdrawing and avoiding difficult issues trumps open, honest communication. When interpersonal relations suffer at the top – the whole culture suffers, and business performance is sub-optimal at best.

Mikael Meir helps teams improve trust, communication, and interconnection – vital components of high performing teams – which directly improves the health of your culture, the execution of your strategy and the overall financial performance of your organization.

What you will gain:

  • Significantly reduced levels of stress and worry at the collective team level
  • Significantly heightened levels of co-operation, collaboration and team performance
  • A framework to enable your team to set and practice “rules of engagement” with each other toward higher levels of performance and fulfillment
  • The ability to have difficult conversations from a vantage point of mutual purpose and mutual respect
  • Greatly improved levels of trust, respect, commitment, accountability and results

Develop Your High Performing Team

Leadership Development Consulting for Organizations 

Leadership Development is a journey, not a destination. It’s a journey that requires continuously building and refining a set of interpersonal skills that allow you and your team mates to guide, inspire and develop others. Organizations that don’t focus on developing their leaders will be at a disadvantage – and those that take it seriously will outperform the competition.

Mikael Meir works with HR and senior executives to develop the organizational capacities needed to execute your strategic plan and achieve your vision.

With experience in developing programs for cohorts of all sizes, I support you in clarifying capacities needed for future growth, designing a development program to achieve those goals, executing the development program, and measuring its effectiveness and impact.

What you will gain:

  • Your people will be more focused, aligned and motivated
  • Your people will be more adaptable and able to navigate complexity with greater ease
  • Your people will skillfully engage in important cross functional collaboration
  • Your people will cultivate higher levels of clarity, insight, and focus
  • You will experience a quantum shift in power, performance, and productivity.

Develop Leadership Capabilities In Your Organization