Leadership Speaker

Leadership Speaker, Mikael Meir

A powerful voice on transformational leadership whose expertise is rooted in his own harrowing journey.

Here is an unvarnished view of the pitfalls – and the world-changing potential – of conscious leadership, from a successful former venture capitalist and CEO who was convicted of fraud…before dedicating his life to helping leaders grasp the power to change. Keynote topics include:

Leadership Disrupted:  Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

In this signature keynote, leadership speaker, Mikael Meir engages audiences with his astonishing life story – from building a billion dollar investment company before the age of 40, to the significant mis-step for which he served 6 months in jail, to his own painstaking transformation into a life guided by service, humility, and authentic power.


  • 3 essential traits of purpose-driven leadership and how to cultivate them in yourself
  • How to transform the three most destructive leadership blind-spots into authentic influence and impact
  • A personal development process to help you increase prosperity and fulfillment

 Capitalism 2.0:  A New Path To Prosperity

A paradigm shift is taking place in business, where the rules for succeeding have fundamentally changed.  Strategic leadership must be purpose-driven, culturally- rooted, and in service of all stakeholders.  Integrating behavioral psychology with research into innovative models for corporate strategy, Mikael engages audience members in a new vision for achieving prosperity – personally, organizationally, and for society as a whole.


  • The strategic business model proven to be the next source of competitive advantage
  • A tool-set that integrates social responsibility into the DNA of strategy
  • Creative ideas you can use right away to engage and empower your teams

The Happiness Factor

From the time we’re born, we’re told that if we achieve, we’ll be successful.   And if we’re successful, we’ll be happy.  We’re taught to develop performance leadership traits – determination, discipline, drive – and downplay moral leadership traits – kindness, caring, and humility.  In this keynote, leadership speaker, Mikael Meir uses his personal journey, backed by research in positive psychology and behavioral economics, to lay out a formula for greater balance. The surprising result enables leaders to achieve greater success with deeper levels of fulfillment.


  • The most common leadership blind-spots and how they decrease performance and happiness
  • The 5 leadership practices that improve effectiveness and fulfillment
  • The biggest barriers to fulfillment, and how to overcome them

Talks can be customized for the following categories:  Leadership, Ethics, Strategy, Employee Engagement, Sustainability, Change Management

Formats AvailableKeynote Address, Half Day Workshop, Full Day Workshop, Small-Group and Panel Discussion, Webinars, Tele-seminars

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