Sales Coach

Most entrepreneurs have a strong desire to increase sales and earnings, but many don’t have a sales strategy that focuses, integrates and aligns organizational functions with top and bottom line growth.

How to increase sales

In order to increase your revenue, the first and most important step is to develop sales goals, and through creative communication, ensure that everyone on your team – from the admin to the CEO – is enthusiastically conscious about the importance of meeting goals and becoming a growth driven organization.

Contagious inspiration can be cultivated by developing quarterly themes, internal games and competitions, the development of meaningful corporate slogans, etc. – all effective internal strategies attached to the accomplishment of sales goals.

In my experience, growth can be achieved in any industry – aggressively or moderately by following a four point path:

  1. Build a detailed growth budget – ensuring capital efficiently supports growth and sales strategies (See Improve Financial Performance , and Raising Capital)
  2. Define the “right” value proposition to the customer – positioning that differentiates you from the competition, matters to your customers, and provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace (See Marketing Strategy)
  3. Retain the “right” sales people (internal or external) – “A” players, properly evaluated, motivated, supported and incentivized to be evangelical on your behalf (See Leadership Development )
  4. Ensure that your team all work within “your” corporate culture – a culture you define by your core values, purpose and vision for your company (See Culture Building )

With 17 years of hands-on experience creating sales strategy and leading sales forces I help my clients achieve powerful results – earn new customers and retain existing customers.

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