Leadership Development Workshops

Understanding the power in group coaching, I facilitate a number of leadership workshops.  Having organized and participated in these workshops as a CEO, I honed the insight of how to steward a group toward achieving great results both during the workshops, as well as post-workshop, during execution.  I customize content according to your objectives in areas of leadership, strategy and team performance. Below are a few examples:

Culture Drives Value Workshop

Culture is integral to competitive advantage.  Behavior and attitudes create culture.  As such, leadership must shape and guide behavior to support the foundation of culture.  Therefore, gaining absolute clarity on your cultural DNA – your values and purpose and the extent to which those are being lived – is the cornerstone of all organizations aspiring to greatness.  In my Culture Drives Value Workshop we focus on discovering the core ethos within your organization, and provide the support structure to enable you to lead from your core so you can turn your vision and goals into reality.


  1. Clarify and express higher meaning and purpose for the organization
  2. Understand how purpose and values serve as a filter and compass for opportunity and focus
  3. Discover/refine/reinvigorate core values for your organization
  4. Create a roadmap for communicating fundamental values and beliefs downstream
  5. Internalize how you can align your values with every day leadership behavior

Clarity of Vision Workshop

In my Clarity of Vision Workshop,  we get to the heart of your organization, and define a powerful, authentic story – a teachable point of view that cascades throughout the organization and inspires action.  Grounded in authenticity, expressed as a reflection of market demand and integrated with strategy, your vision becomes a compelling and inspiring story that creates vital interconnection, right action, and superior team performance.

Take aways:

  1. Clarify and express a clear vision of a powerful future
  2. Develop a story, an envisioned future, and the market rational behind that future
  3. Inspire others to share a common vision
  4. Create a support structure to enroll others in your shared future vision
  5. Create a plan for bringing vision, values and purpose alive in your organization

Team Performance Workshop

Leadership teamwork is a critical driver of competitive advantage, because optimized team functioning creates optimized team performance.  And team performance is grounded in execution – something that so few organizations are truly great at.

Great execution and mediocre strategy out-perform great strategy and mediocre execution any time.  In my Team Performance Workshop, we focus on the fundamental elements that support vital team connection.


  • Develop deeper levels of trust among colleagues
  • Create higher levels of openness and honesty in communication
  • Ensure that accountability and results among team members are paramount
  • Create and prioritize top goals, with cascading action plans and timelines

The Art of Inner Power Workshop

Business leaders have been conditioned to focus on working with what’s “out there”.  They’re trained to make decisions by strategically arranging  human and capital resources to achieve specific goals.  So often we get caught up, obsessing about the external, with little regard to our mind-set – which ironically is the true source of power and fulfillment.

My Art of Inner Power Workshop is designed for senior executives from the C-suite to the VP level.  It helps you understand how your mind – thoughts, emotions, sensations – creates your outer circumstances, and empowers you to act from your inner core.  The workshop is grounded in three core practices of service, self-awareness and mindful presence.


  1. A greater sense of connection to yourself, others and your environment
  2. An enhanced and more positive outlook on future possibilities for action
  3. The ability to make higher impact decisions from a broader context
  4. New possibilities for a radically accelerated path toward your personal development
  5. A focused cultivation of humility, courage and discipline
  6. A series of practices that lead to greater resourcefulness, insight, clarity and agility

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