CEO Advisor

The pace of change required to meet the demands of business life is intense, and increasing.  Product life cycles are shorter. Markets are more competitive. Technology is rapidly evolving.  And the pressure for a strategic leader to execute in the stress of it all is unyielding.

In my capacity as a CEO Advisor, I help you see your blind spots, expand your perspective, and make more skillful decisions. I serve as your thinking partner, executive coach, co-strategist and devoted supporter, probing and guiding you beyond your mental noise to a place of greater clarity, insight and right action.

While providing practical feedback grounded in hands-on wisdom I help you:

  • Achieve rapid clarity around complex choices
  • Get your team working at higher levels of performance
  • Find deeper levels of fulfillment

Whether you’re focusing on individual effectiveness, effectiveness within a team, or your capacity to drive strategy or organizational change – I help you reach levels of performance you wouldn’t have achieved alone.

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